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Thread Rolling Dies for TAPTITE® PRO™

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  • TAPTITE® PRO™ thread forming fasteners advance current thread forming technology with the
    development of the Parabolic Profile™ thread form. The innovative new thread form, when combined
    with the proven TRILOBULAR® cross section, provides low thread forming
    torque, excellent resistance to vibrational loosening along with high axial pullout and reduced overall
    cost of assembly. (Image & Info. Courtesy: Conti Fasteners)

    Thread Rolling Dies MATpoint® VR™

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  • Standardize lead thread shape,ensuring everymanufacturer produces the samethread reducing the
    set-up time and complexity. Improves the fastener’s ‘False-thread’ prevention.
    It makes even shorter MATpoint® products possible. (Image & Info. Courtesy: MAthread).