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Flat Ground Re-Grind

Kadimi provides Tool Re-grinding services for its own and other manufacturer’s Thread rolling dies. Fastener and special formed parts manufacturers can experience significant cost savings through multiple re-use of tool material. Kadimi regrinding capabilities provides customers with numerous benefits, such as:

  1. Reducing new die inventory through a regrind blank stocking program
  2. Creating opportunities to reduce and eliminate slow-moving inventory through regrind conversion to desired thread specifications
  3. Extremely favorable regrind tool life returns
  4. Dedicated quality systems to ensure optimal performance - from receipt of regrind blanks to delivery of finished tools

Utilizing technology and experience evolved over the years, Kadimi can restore your used tooling to new life. To begin, please share your requirement to set up a quick evaluation of your dies.

Special features


Kadimi LF dies are developed to help roll the best quality fasteners without modifying any of the processes (e.g. blank preparation and machine operation). In controlling manufacturing variables to yield lap-free thread fasteners, LF technology

  1. Helps maintain normal production rates and machine speeds – even when rolling critical fasteners with harder materials.
  2. Enhances control of grain flow, whereby LF dies begin forming the thread crest almost immediately; no other thread rolling dies in the world has this capability.
  3. Improves Physical charateristics of the fastener due to controlled nature of material displacement. Specifically ,the smooth surface finish and compressive residual stresses introduced by rolling make rolled fasteners Stronger in fatigue,shear and tensile strength.

RRO: Radius Run –Out

Flat thread rolling dies with sharp corners on the run out threads generates stress concentration areas which result in fatigue cracks in the thread rolled screw. With the Radius Run Out (RRO) offered by KADIMI, the smooth radius in the root of the thread continues right up to the point where the thread blends in the shank of the screw. This Radius Run Out was designed for rolling high strength aerospace bolts, however, it is available on all KADIMI dies.