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Special Milled Dies

Special Form Flat Thread Rolling Dies

Kadimi manufactures Special Form Flat Thread Rolling dies for specific needs and supplying worldwide to automotive , aerospace, industrial applications in special material and surface treatments.

Special Form Thread rolling dies can be used to produce numerous shapes on thread rolling machines, such as components with grooves; slots; Cone Point; domed- and pointed-ends; combined grooves and conical points; curves; Bullnose Radius Point( Type BR); chamfers; and dog-points; Strux Grooving, Buttress unequal thread angle dies or Asymetrical thread rolling dies, Pipe Thread rolling dies etc.

Ogival dies - Special form thread milling dies are having radial non- cut off Ogival point, extensively used for automotive application

Typical Thread and Form Rolling Applications using Kadimi Dies

Kadimi form rolling dies advantages:

  • Eliminate expensive secondary machining operations
  • Produce stronger parts
  • Significantly decrease per-piece costs
  • Increase overall productivity

    Split Face Dies

    Ogival Dies

Combination dies

We also offer the possibility of making combination dies for carrying out two different operations in a single pass.

BC dies for spokes

Kadimi manufactures a wide range of precision BC dies suitable for the threading of the specific range of spokes

BC dies has small grooves that make peaks and valleys of the thread form. These grooves are set at an angle specific to the diameter of the spoke. As the spoke rotates, grooves are created simultaneously on each side, which eventually meet up to create a continuous quality thread with Kadimi Dies.

From the picture, you will notice the uniformity of threads produced by Kadimi BC dies

This picture clearly show that Kadimi dies not only produces excellent consistent threads, you can also see an important feature: the thread root (the valley between peaks) has a generous radius, not a sharp, V-shaped valley. A valley as sharp as one of the peaks would produce a stress riser. In spokes, threads are subjected to endless load cycles that take advantage of stress risers. That’s why so many spokes break at the thread. Kadimi BC dies makes just such a perfect (and beautiful) spoke thread having a stress reducing valley; that we were sure you wanted to experience them.

Buttress Screw Dies

Kadimi Tool manufactures dies for construction industries, such as buttress screw dies. Many customers have greatly improved production by using Kadimi special buttress screw dies.

Hose clamp

Dies to be used for making hose clamp screws in different die sections catering to the wider range of clamping application. Hose Clamp Thread rolling dies are available with vast range of thread pitches, asymmetrical thread angles with specially designed thread profile for anti-vibration and capable of withstanding higher pressure of the hoses. A customer print is advisable for manufacturing Hose clamp dies to suit the specific requirement.


Dies are having radial non- cut off Ogival point, extensively used for automotive application in the powertrain and assemblies.

F type

Taper pointed machine screw thread, tapered threads on point have complete finished threads, produce tapered flutes during thread rolling - used for machine assembly application

Annular Fetter

Assymetrical thread form with sharp crest and root-annular are ground and Helical are Milled.Straight faced (single or duplex) or single faced Gimlet.