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Self Tapping Screw

Flat Milled Thread Rolling Dies

Self –Tapping Screw

There is wide range of flat thread rolling dies for different applications of tapping screws. Such as Type A, Type AB, Type B, Type CA, Type U, Type VA, Type BF, Dual Thread A Point, Dual Thread B Point, Type VB, Self Piercing, Dry wall, Type BR, Type RH AB, Type FH AB, Self-drilling

Kadimi manufactures flat thread rolling dies considering the specific needs of our customers very much into account. Kadimi offers customization in accordance to the required material and machinery specifications Our designs facilitate minimizing machine set up times and providing significant savings on costs per each threaded piece

Self Piercing

Kadimi Tool manufactures Self Piercing threa rolling dies which are used for rolling externally threaded fasteners with the ability to self-pierce light gauge metal and tap their own mating threads when driven. Self-Piercing zip screws are high strength fasteners with sharp angles of 25 to 30 degrees.
Self Piercing Screws are also commonly called:
• Zip Screws
• Needlepoint Screws
• Self Tapping Screws
• Pencil Point Screws