You are Invited To visit us at "WIRE DUSSELDORF"Kadimi tools FF Stuttgart 7-11th Dec 2020. Hall 16/B67 Messe Düsseldorf GmbH,Germany.                                                                                                                                                                       You are Invited To visit us at "WIRE DUSSELDORF" 7-11th Dec 2020. Hall 16/B67 Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Germany.
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    Licensed Trilobular, Taptite, Taptite II, Taptite 2000, Duo-Taptite, Taptite 2000 CA, Fastite, Plastite 45-1, Plastite 48-2, Powerlok, Pushtite, Pushtite II, Fastite 2000, Taptite 2000 SP, Kleerlok .

    PLASTITE Screw Thread rolling die

    PLASTITE® 45 TRILOBULAR® thread rolling screws have extra wide spacing between narrow profile threads, resulting in exceptionally low induced stress and extra low boss bursting tendencies. PLASTITE® 45 screws provide wide differential between drive and fail torques for exceptionally easy drive tool adjustment. Screws are manufactured to nominal inch and metric diameters.All ductile metals, die castings and punch extruded metals.


    Easy driving. Excellent holding power. Reduced danger of burst bosses and induced stress. Easy power tool adjustment. Stronger internal threads: formed, not cut. No chips produced. Greater holding power. Reduced hoop stress and fewer burst bosses. Higher holding torque eliminates need for inser

    ts or reinforcing clips. Allows for repeated removal and insertion


    Thermoplastics, engineering resins & certain thermosets. In cases where length of engagement is one diameter or more.

    TAPTITE 2000 Die Manufacturer

    TAPTITE 2000® fasteners are designed to provide the benefits of prior TAPTITE® fastener products with an innovative new thread design - the Radius Profile™ Thread. The proven TRILOBULAR® principle is maintained while incorporating the Radius Profile™ thread.


    Self-aligning taper design reduces end load requirement
    Low thread forming torque required
    Excellent resistance to vibrational loosening
    Excellent torque-tension characteristics
    Threads formed by Taptite 2000® will accept standard machine screws

    TAPTITE 2000® “SP”™ fasteners have a shorter point than standard TAPTITE 2000® fasteners and are designed with short point length to maximize the full thread engagement in blind holes,particularly in non-ferrous materials.

    POWERLOK Die Manufacturer India

    POWERLOK® TRILOBULAR®, thread-locking screws incorporate unique threads dimensioned to provided locking in tapped holes. A 30° thread-locking crest is superimposed on the normal 60° thread. This design, including a short tapered lead, allows hand starting in a tapped hole, adjustment and alignment of parts, and an exceptionally powerful locking action.


    Locking action at thread periphery provides optimum holding power, even without seating of the head. Easy starting by hand and easy driving. Exceeds IFI locking standards. Extreme resistance to vibrational loosening.


    All pre-tapped metal nuts, die castings and punch extruded assemblies where reliable, self-locking fasteners are required under conditions of severe vibration or high clamp load.

    Dies for TRILOBULAR forming screws

    TRILOBULAR® thread form design provides full relief for easy driving and effective resistance to vibrational loosening.This means that is great to assemble Trilobular Screws into electronics or mechanical areas and is part of automotive application.Trilobular screws are also best at resisting vibration over long periods of time and that is why self-locking.

    Conti Thread rolling Dies

    Based on CONTI’s recognition of Kadimi Tool’s technical capabilities and tooling quality, Kadimi Tool manufactures and market the whole family of TRILOBULAR® thread rolling dies including Taptite® and Powerlok® rolling dies under licence from Conti Fasteners Ag, Switzerland and Reminc, USA . Please see their website for further information

    Kadimi Tool produce thread rolling dies for all varieties of Taptite®, Taptite 2000® and Powerlok® products. This includes: Taptite®, Taptite II®, Taptite 2000®, Duo Taptite®, Extrudetite®, Taptite® CA™, Fastite 2000®, Plastite®, Powerlok® products.

    Our sizes of Taptite® products range from M1.6 x 0.35 to M16 x 2.00. (The imperial equivalents are 40 TPI to 13 TPI) The Powerlok® sizes range from M4 x 0.7 to M16 x 2.00 . The Taptite 2000® ranges cover M2.6 x 0.45 to M24 x 3.00 (and the imperial sizes run from 2 x 56 to 1/2 x 13 Unified)