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Customer's Opinion

★ We are very satisfied with the co-operation and the thread rolling dies used. We would like to ask you to support us in other products.

★Good news, The Type F dies that recently arrived appear to be performing really well. Thanks again for your help.

★ We love your dies. We had an example of an AB die. We got twice the life of competitor.

★ We are very happy with the results of the HSS+Coating. We exceeded our goal for life with the better material + coating.

   Based on this, you can expect to get more of our business. We are very impressed with die life, and it’s one of our top runners.

★ We got very good life per side and are very happy with the results .

★ "Thank you Kadimi team for being with us in all moments, supporting us thanks for excellent quality of rolling dies and excellent communication".

★ For excellent supplier, always excellent feed back

★ “Congratulations to The Engineering Team and Manufacturing guys @ Kadimi. Every dimension and spec is exactly where we required them to be.Keep in mind that Kadimi has been the only Flat Die manufacturer (out of 5) that has achieved this success out”

★ I am very pleased so far with the Kadimi roll dies , they have been working very well for us .