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Flat Ground(Boltmaker)
Flat Boltmaker Duplex
The thread rolling process is now widely acknowledged as the fastest and most efficient method of producing accurate external threads, with surface finish and mechanical properties unobtainable by any other method.
Be amongst leading manufacturers of quality threading tools and related value added products at a low delivery cost, using world class processing system for creating preferred brand image, with total involvement of employees, leveraging their collective wisdom and competence, with good environmental sustainability
To produces high quality Thread Rolling Dies for Fastener Industry and Fastener manufacturing applications. To continually improve process to meet all the commitments to customers
TPM Policy
TPM policy of Kadimi Tool is to achieve total customer satisfaction and excellence in business through elimination of all losses, maximization of overall equipment effectiveness and continuous improvement of product, processes and people, for enhancing productivity, quality, environment, health, safety, knowledge, skill, moral and with total employees involvement by practice of TPM as a way of life
Quality Policy

The primary philosophy and work practice of Kadimi is that of continual improvement. Kadimi mission is to continue to set and attain new, more demanding annual financial and market share objectives while providing a secure and open working environment for all employees. The Kadimi strategy is to fulfill a mission to provide the best overall product quality and total service level at a fair price